Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bank Holiday weekend bliss

We had a lovely evening yesterday. I dropped The Terminator off at cub camp for a three night stay. I think cubs is fantastic, the boys were so excited to be sleeping in a wood. I'd spent 3 hours in the morning putting up tents with Akela, phew! The Terminator was allowed to take a cuddly toy so naturally he packed Ronaldinho, his dearly beloved giant monkey. He introduced Ronaldinho to Akela as the last of his species but stated that he had a cousin who is actually a horse as well as a footballer - is that wrong in any way?

So Danny Boy Lurch and I had a takeaway curry, listened to music, talked and drank wine (not DB, obviously!). Danny Boy decided not to go to the party but is now worried about being considered a geek (he loves history and Warhammer). His great love of the moment was going and taking beer, to a 12 year old's party!! She has swept through the mid-field of the boy's football team and is now going out with another defender so I think Danny Boy may be next. Lurch and Danny Boy are going shopping today to buy skinny jeans and converse trainers to pimp up DB's ride a bit. I've got to work as I spent so much time volunteering yesterday.

Lurch and Danny Boy have a special bond. When we lived in London I had a job that involved spending about 150 days a year travelling so Lurch was on his own a lot with Danny Boy and they really get each other's sensibilities and sensitivities. It used to hurt me when Danny Boy wouldn't look at me or speak to me after I'd been on a two week trip to Russia or South Korea or somewhere, and that's a lot to do with the decision to move up North. I do miss having a challenging, interesting job but I'm glad I've spent more time with the boys. It's also great to have some time with DB on his own, without them fighting!


Milla said...

love your Wendys, and yes yes yes to Michael / Raef. Apprentice just won't be the same without the fragrant one. You might want to read my husband on The Apprentice (he sounds obsessed on his blog, but it's to keep in with me!) Go to mine and click on top left "you must go here" because I don't know about you, but it's nice to go over and over and over things. And DB loves you, you know he does - what did you used to do, by the way, sounds v v important. Korea indeed.

blogthatmama said...

I was a bit worried I was too lowbrow for the blogging community, what with my Closer magazines and obsession with The Apprentice so I'm thrilled to be heading straight over to your husband's blog after writing this. Job was not v v important but was v v fun in my 20's and early 30's - flogging and marketing alcohol around the world. Great people and loads of interesting travel but ultimately too difficult with the boys but glad I did it!