Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keep on running

On Monday I went for a 3.5 mile run. My target is to complete the Great North in under 2 hours this year. So far I have run it 4 times. My best time is 2 hours 9 minutes. Every year I run with one of my best and oldest school friends who lives in London, last year she beat me. I say run with but she's just as competitive as me and we run to beat our own times and each other. I had to pretend to be sporting about it but it was a real blow to my pride. No longer could I assume the faintest air of superiority when discussing our training or give helpful advice, the slave became the master and I've had to eat a lot of humble pie. I have now decided that this year is the year I am going to go under 2 hours. I'm going to cut down on wine and sweets and become a lean mean running machine. So with that in mind I went out and did my second fastest time, despite my spare tyre.
On the way, because I was panting and it had been humid and raining, I did eat a lot of these:

I am very pleased that I didn't eat any of these though:

or these:

or even these:

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icemaidensmellingthecoffee said...

I have to say that I'm beginning to think I have made a dreadful mistake with this running lark. I do admire your perseverance and determination. I hope you make it in under 2.