Saturday, June 07, 2008

Family round up

Phew! We've got guests staying so have been unable to blog for a while, but I've just got out of a shopping trip, it's me and Danny Boy at home now.

We went Down South last week to stay at a friend's for a few days. Lurch told me that his parents were moving into a warden controlled retirement flat in a fortnight so the boys and I went to visit them and their new home. They are the only people in the whole of the UK to have sold their house in three weeks, unbelievable! We have had no calls and no viewings. Still.

We arranged to meet outside the 20ft high electronic gates. This was not a maximum security twilight home for the bewildered; there were no wardens there, only millionaires, there were no red strings and flashing emergency lights next to the loo, only discreet buttons to turn the shower and underfloor heating on. They have scrimped and saved all of their lives and have never had much money, it's brilliant that they've downsized, bought a luxury appartment and can begin to enjoy themselves with a bit of cash. Lurch's Dad is Scottish, never had a pair of underpants until he was 12 and joined the army when he was 14. He pulled himself up by his bootstrings and put everything into his kids' education. Lurch's Mum is quite posh and says the biggest mistake she's made is to spend their money on public schools.

We then went to see Wendy and Pete. Wendy has had a lumpectomy and found out the prognosis the day before we visited. The cancer has not spread but it is Grade 3, very aggressive. She's having six months of chemo and then radiotherapy so has an extremely tough time ahead. My friend had warned me that one of the most difficult things about cancer is how everybody falls apart before you. I managed not to cry, although Pete looked dreadful. Wendy seemed to be coping pretty well. She said that the worst part was waiting for the results but now she knows what she's dealing with she can come to terms with it. El Vel rang when I got home that night and we both burst into tears. I cannot believe she's got cancer.

The Terminator was banned from watching The Apprentice due to an incident in the village relating to primitive, Aborigine-style mud daubings on neighbours' cars with his friend, denials, written and verbal apologies and a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge. He is in deep do-do, particularly for lying to me. The final hangs in the balance.

Danny Boy came home from school on Wednesday punching the air with his fist, beaming all over his freckly face। The girl of his dreams (the one who's been out with most of the football team) had dumped the other defender and DB's friend had advised him to rush over to her, fall to his knees and ask her out. She said yes. Danny Boy then showed me a poem he'd written about her that day with references to her eyes as diamonds (owing quite a lot to Sean, Sean the Leprechaun's Green Velvet tape of Irish songs, I think) and soft, rosy skin. 'What do you think?' he asked me 'Have you given the poem to her yet?' I responded. He said no. I suggested gently that it might be a good idea to hang back a little bit and see how things went before he got too involved. His smile faded. I felt terrible but told him that girls don't really like to be overwhelmed at the beginning of a relationship. He looked devastated, I could almost see the purple bruising and scar tissue forming on his poor tender young heart.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Such a lot to take in! Lurch's parents deserve luxury, it's not often the older generation can put their feet up and not have to worry about money. Poor Danny Boy! I guess it'll all come with practice and a lot of good advice from you!

CJ xx

Lindsay said...

Talking of public schools - we sent our son because the local comprehensive had a bad reputation and the son had a lazy brain. We are glad as there was plenty of opportunity to involve oneself in sport and other activities not found at our local school. Lazy son now has a family and a good job.

The cancer thing is scary. I had thyroid cancer some years ago and I agree with Wendy the worst part was the diagnostics that seemed to take ages. I felt much better when treatment began.

GoneBackSouth said...

Oh Danny Boy has it all ahead of him - I can see you can feel his feelings with him. Great post, lots of stuff in there! The older boy in trouble for being naughty and then lying about it resonates ... not my boy but someone close.

Stinking Billy said...

You did the right thing by advising him to take it a little easier, but there must be a lot of girls out there just dying to be overwhelmed, surely?

Blossomcottage said...

Hi and welcome to Purplecoo and Blogging!
Poor Danny a few more torn heart string I fear before he finally has someone to write poetry to forever!
Great Blog

Frog in the Field said...

Oh, you mean heartbreaking Mum...good advice though!
Aboriginal Artistic flair? Very impessive, oops I mean, very naughty!

Milla said...

that's quite an emotional post, BTM! Know what you mean about house selling since our last one took 2 years, am still traumatised. Poor Wendy, what a harrowing thing for the 2 of them to be going through and DB! ah, bless. My T11 had his first "double date" on saturday, didn't go entirely to plan but he said he Made The Move and got his arm around her. gulp.

blogthatmama said...

Yes, I'm afraid that was a bit of a big old blog but I'd been saving it up for some time. Life's so hectic here that I have to grab the opportunity when I can.

Milla, DB has also hugged his one true love but as he's at least a head shorter than her I think he's staring temptation right in the face.

Frog, I've been visiting your blog and waiting! x

Blossom and Lindsay thanks for the visit will be calling sometime soon.

GBS I'm afraid the younger one is the thug, that makes it even worse for me. The headteacher told me he's been confessing to crimes all week though, so at least he's not lying!

Billy the girls in the office say DB's excessively romantic behaviour will be welcome at 20 but to hold off a bit until then x (they don't know anything about men in their 70's though...)

Crystal my next blog will be short and less frenetic (maybe..)


Sally's Chateau said...

Welcome to PC, are you still trying to sell your house ? a link from your blogspot maybe ? Good luck.